St  Francis Xavier Kannada Medium Higher Primary School

While the parish church was started in the year 1912 ,the St Francis Xavier School for boys and Lourdes girls school started in the year 1915. A great number of boys and girls from Bejai and surrounding areas studied here and they remember with gratitude the dedicated teachers who taught them and many have pursued higher studies and are shining in different fields.

Years passed by as Catholics began preferring English Medium Schools. Thus the strength of the schools came down drastically and both the schools were merged in the year 1998. We now have only St. Francis Xavier Higher primary school run by the Church. It is an old but strong building with sufficient space since both schools were merged. At present we have a strength of 350 students, both boys and girls with a few Catholics. The government provides mid-day meals. It is the centre for casting votes for elections and other activities connected with elections.

We have provided two teachers from the Church as the number of teachers was less. The stage has been made up with new curtains and new sound system. A very good education is imparted and it has become an outreach from us to people from Hindu and Muslim and other communities.


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