Daughters of St Paul

Fr. James Alberione, the Founder of the Daughter of St. Paul, was sixteen years of age when he felt an urge “to do something for the people of the new century.” In his prayer, James could visualise the future of humanity being formed by the Media of Social Communications. Realising the influence of the powerful media on the culture and faith of the people, he decided to make use of these same instruments for the dissemination of the Gospel values. In 1914 his dream began to take concrete shape and he gathered a group of young boys who gradually grew to be the pioneer members of the worldwide Society of St Paul, the first among the Institutes of the Pauline Family. In April 27, 2003 he was beatified by Pope John Paul II.

Fr James was constantly aware of the potential and power lying dormant in women. He wanted to use their strength too in the newly found mission. In Theresa Merlo he found an ideal person who could understand and follow his vision with regard to women. Thus in 1915 a group of young women under the leadership of Sr Thecla Merlo (co-foundress) followed the new path traced out by Alberione. They are today known as the Daughters of St. Paul. They now render their service in 50 countries of the five continents.

Sensitive to the needs of our time, we use the most effective means which technology provides: the press, radio, television, audio and video cassettes, multimedia products, the Internet etc. to bring the Word of God and teachings of the Church to the masses. Like Paul we bring God’s message directly to people by their outreach mission through Book and Media Centers, Catholic Enquiry Centre, Lending libraries, (DCCL) Reading Rooms, Book and Media Exhibitions, Bible Weeks and Book Fairs, prison and family visits. We animate students and the youth through media session animations, personality development sessions, value education sessions, talks for recollection, etc. Our Audio Visuals are known for their spiritual and soulful music the world over.

Our beginning in the parish of Bejai is for us a one big Magnificat. Right from the start , the clergy, the religious and the parishioners have warmly welcomed us the Daughters of St Paul. We, the Daughters of St Paul reside in a flat at Richville, Sankaigudda. At present we are a very small community of just four sisters. We have mass once a week in our chapel in the house on Tuesday mornings. Our bookshop is situated opposite the  Milagres church at Hampankatta.  We also organize animations on Media  and exhibitions in Schools. We join in enrichments programmes like motivational talks, recollections etc, especially for the youth. We collaborate in the parish in whatever way we can.

You may write to us at: paulinesmangalore@gmail.com
For more info Please do log into our website: www.paulineindia.org 


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