St Angela’s Convent

St Angela’s  Convent in Bejai came to be established in 1931. Fr Antony E. Colaco, then parish priest of Bejai, was instrumental in getting the Ursuline sisters to Bejai. The convent was canonically erected on 5th October 1935 by Bishop V. R. Fernandes.  In those days the sisters perceived the need of the parish and took up the work of catechizing, seeing to the altar linen and vestments. In addition, four of them undertook teaching in the parish higher elementary school.

Convinced that academic training was not the only answer to the ills besetting the local community, the sisters started a technical school in 1951 with the view of teaching poor girls needle work like cutting, stitching, machining, and embroidery by hand and machine. In the year1960 another need of the people was met by starting St Angela’s Nursery School.
When there was a plea for high school exclusively for girls the first high school of the institute named Lourdes High School was established on 8th June 1963. The all-round welfare of the girls of Bejai was the primary concern and the sisters showed special attention to the poor students by providing them financial support. Sisters also took a greater step to educate the girls by keeping them as free boarders with the help of generous donors. A separate new building named St Angela’s Home was established for this purpose in 2008 and now 38 children reside here.

There are totally 16 sisters in the community. Sr Mable D’Souza is the superior. Presently we render our service in different fields like teaching in the high school and nursery, prison ministry, working as woman coordinator at Samanvaya and a few sisters continue their academic studies. Along with this we also take active part in parish activities like teaching catechism, preparing children for the first holy communion, animating Jeevan Jyothi and parish camps, participating in the SCC meeting, visiting the families, taking part in liturgical activities like daily choir, distribution of communion and altar decoration. All sisters  carry out the service with great fervor and dedication.


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