Vicar’s Message for Lent

My dear Brothers and Sisters,
Warm greetings to you!
We have already begun the forty days of Lent. This season is dear to all of us for a number of reasons. The church makes an appeal to all of us to reform our lives basing ourselves on the word of God and on the celebration of Holy Sacraments.
This year Lent has a special call to us being the year of faith. Pope Benedict XVI in his message for Lent talks about the intimate relationship between faith and charity. Faith does not consist in giving our assent to few truths, but it is a relationship between God and people. Hence faith is a response to the love of God. This response is personal and is the result of an encounter with God, our Father. The main distinguishing mark of Christians is precisely love grounded in and shaped by faith.
Faith and love can never be separated. Christian life consists in continuously climbing the mountain to meet God and then in coming down with his strength to engage in acts of charity. One who does not trust, cannot love, and one who does not love, cannot posses the virtue of faith. This is nothing other than making space for God and our neighbor in our life.
Both faith and love have their origin in the action of one and the same Holy Spirit which enables us to call God as Our Father. Faith causes us to know the truth of Christ as Love made man and crucified. Faith gives us the firm conviction that only Love is able to conquer evil and death. Both faith and love go together and interact with each other for a fruitful Christian life.
As we participate in the various devotions during this Lent, let our focus be to grow in faith and love and then come to the experience of death and Resurrection of Christ in our life
I wish all of you a fruitful season of Lent. May we experience faith and love to the fullest.
May God bless you,
Fr Victor Machado,
Parish Priest.

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