Message from Vicar 

At the end of the forty days of Lent, we are celebrating the greatest feast of the Resurrection of Jesus. All of us are very much excited and happy, for the simple reason that over faith is built on this great truth of our religion!  We are more than fortunate. 

I am very happy to convey to all our parishioners warm and loving greetings of this great feast and pray that the Risen Savior may bless all of us with his peace and love.

Resurrection is not just an event which happened 20 centuries ago, it is that which takes place everyday in our lives both in ways big and small. When we feed the hungry, where we defend the weak, when we forgive our enemy, resurrection is being re- enacted. Where we make peace with other, when we educate the illiterate, when we toil for the human rights, we bring Jesus back to life, because his brothers and sisters rise to a new existence. My desire and prayer is that our may become proclamations of the never- ending process of experiencing the great joy of the 

Resurrection of Jesus.

God bless you.                 

Have a great Easter
Fr. Victor Machado
Parish Priest

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