Message from Rev. Dr. Fr. Victor Machado – the outgoing Parish Priest of Bejai

On the occasion of leaving down my office as the Vicar of Bejai Parish I send my warm greetings to all our Parishioners.  Though four years may look to be too short a period, it is not the question of the duration of service, but how it has been accomplished.  I for one, have great satisfaction from my pastoral ministry, though much more could have been achieved by me. 

May I take this opportunity to keep on record my deep sense of gratitude to all the Parishioners who have cooperated with me in all that has been done.  In a special way all the priests who worked with me deserve my thanks to the office bearers and members of Parish Pastoral Parishad I say “Thanks a million”.  The various institutions have rendered their services for the growth of the parish to whom I remain grateful.  The workers both in the church hall and the priest residence have made my life smooth and happy.  Thank you very much.  

My one desire is that Bejai Parish grows up as a vibrant faith community under the leadership of the Parish Clergy.

With very much thanks and God’s blessings.

Fr Victor Machado



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