Mary how beautiful thy name
Mary most highly favored one
Hail full of grace.

We rejoice for it is Mary’s great feast of her Assumption into heaven. On earth she followed the way of Jesus, she lived the beatitudes wholeheartedly and now she shares in Jesus glory. We believe that Mary was taken both body and soul into heaven at the end of her life, because she shared in the work of her son in a unique way.

In the beginning we Christians did not think much about her. Certainenly, there was a little record of prayer or devotion to her in the first three centuries, though people prayed to the martyrs and erected shrines and chapels in her honor. But as soon as theologians began thinking about her Son Jesus and His nature and personality inevitably they had to think about Mother Mary. Then in the Council of Ephesus she was declared as Theotokos - Mother of God The church see Mary as the first fruit of redemption. She is the first participate, body and soul in the eternal life of Christ’s victory over death. Mary is the humble servant the faithful listener, loving and generous. She recognized   that her greatness comes from God who exalted her to Heaven.

Mother Mary’s Assumption is a sign of hope, first of all it challenges us to recognize and respect the true identity of every human person as manifestation of God’s glory. It is our Christian task   to strive after the freedom, so that we all can, join in the magnification of Mary. 

Rev Fr Sunil Praveen  Pinto
Chief Editor 

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