Maie Moje Bhou Mogall, Korn ghe maka tujem ball, Zaum Maie ugddas tuzo, Sontos moje jinnicho

‘Monthi Fest’ is a great feast.  It is the celebration of the birthday of our Blessed Mother Mary.  Today we rejoice in the birth of Mary and thank God for her who is His beautiful gift to the human race. 

 Mary is our Mother.  Her birth brightened the prospect of the entire human race that dwelt in the shadow of death.  She is the hope and the dawn of salvation for the whole world.  Her birth is a salvifie event.  She gave to us ‘Savior’ Emmanuel, God with us.

‘Monthi feast’ other than being a feast of thanksgiving and offering of the first fruits to God, also a family feast which brings family members together.  On this occasion I wish each member of our Parish family, here and abroad a happy, joy-filled and blessings-filled “Monti Feast” and abundant blessings through the intercession of Mori, Amchi Mogall Mai. May this feast be special to you & your loved ones in every way. May it strengthen our bonds of unity, communion and fellowship. God bless all. Let’s all sing in one voice, Sokkod Sangatha Mellyan, Sokkod Laggin Soryan ….


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Fr J B Saldanha