Blessings of St Francis Xavier 

As we are celebrating feast of St Francis Xavier patron of our Parish I take this opportunity to wish a happy feast and thank every one of our Bejai Parishioners for their continues support towards the mission from our Parish.  

St Francis Xavier is a towering figure in the history of the missions.  His ardent sprit shines as a lofty ideal before our eyes.  Like St Paul, Francis too believed that salvation comes only from Christ.  He condemned paganism and idolatry, dialogued with people and disputed with the leaders of other faiths.  In sprit of the difficulties of language he understood the needs of the poor and helped them as best as he could.  Let us also commit ourselves to give those around us a valid testimony to Christ through our life of faith.  

St Francis Xavier labored ceaselessly an tirelessly for ten years in evangelizing India, Malaya and Japan, encountering innumerable difficulties and even the jealousy of his own associates.  In ten years he travelled across the major part of the far East.  This was an extraordinary achievement in this times.  It is even more astounding that whatever he preached he left behind a flourishing church.  He won thousands to the faith and baptized them.  The fruits of his labor are seen even today.  

Let us remember this great figure of church and his great achievements by taking active part in our church activates and in Liturgy.   This should be our mission and should be our Moto in life.  

God bless you and once again whish all of you a great feast of St Francis Xavier our Patron. 


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Fr J B Saldanha