My Dear Parishioners

I am delighted to know that the church website started last year is redesigned and has more features now and It looks very attractive. In the modern world every organization tries to makes itself known to all using the latest technology. So they start a website for the organization and keep connected to their clients. Being a religious organization, it is proper that a parish caters to the needs of all its parishioners. 

Keeping this in mind we had started our website and I know that many have expressed satisfaction especially for the job links it provided. Now we have plans to provide news updates regularly so that our parishioners especially in foreign countries can know what happens here and stay connected to ‘maayfirgaz’. I wish all the best in their endeavours.

Once again I wish that the website may become a medium to bring  greater unity among all Bejai Parishioners. God Bless you all.

God loves a cheerful giver

Every day more than half a dozen people come to me requesting help for various needs: treatment of  AIDS, heart, kidney, cancer patients and other ailments. There are requests for aid for marriage of poor girls, education of children especially for professional studies. There are also requests for aid to build and repair houses. Of course, there are others like beggars and alcoholics. Although they are an irritation, the needy ones and the poor are need to be helped.

We have made a fund called Lenten Relief Fund out of which we help patients with terminal illness by giving 1-2 thousand.  During Lenten season we collect funds placing mite boxes in the Church. We have a Poor Girls’ Marriage Fund where we collect money from bridegrooms and brides which we give as aid of 1-2 thousands to poor girls.  We have another fund as Poor Students’ Fund  where we collect money on the occasion of first communion. Which we utilize for the promotion of education we use 1/4 of Sunday collection to  aid others.. A number of Hindu widows, sick, poor also come seeking help for various needs.  Those who have a heart for the poor especially those who are without a shelter, could provide them with a decent living quarters. 

To realize all these projects it requires bigheartedness and coming together of generous hands for a noble cause. Our Parishioners especially the NRI’s could come forward! Your contributions for the above, small or big, can be sent in the name of St Francis Xavier Church, Bejai indicating the purpose for which you send the donation. May you be generously blessed!!!

Fr J. P. Tauro 
Parish Priest

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Fr J B Saldanha