Secular Franciscan Order

The Secular Franciscan Order more commonly called as The Third Order was founded by St Francis of Assisi. This is an association for both men and women who live family life, yet, want to live a life of sanctity and prayer. A unit of Third Order was started in St Francis Xavier Church, Bejai in the year 1927 on February 13 by the then Parish Priest Fr Antony Colaco as permitted by the Bishop.

The present office bearers are

President:           Mrs Grace D’souza
Vice President:    Mrs Hilda D’Dmello
Secretary:           Mrs Ophilia D’Souza
Treasurer:           Mrs Olga Rodrigues
Spiritual Teacher: Mrs Magdalene D’Souza
Representatives:   Mrs Cecelia Rego
                          Mrs Monica Pereira

The members of The Order meet on 2nd Tuesday of every month at 4 pm in the Church premises. As per register there are 40 members. But on an average 25 members regularly attend the monthly meeting. During the meeting Bible Reading, meditation, praying the office, reading and the understanding the rule for the day is taken up.

The Order has certain rules and regulations to be followed by the members. The daily office prescribed in the Franciscan Hand Book is to be prayed daily by the members. They  are expected to perform good deeds performed by the founder St Francis of Assisi and walk in the footsteps of Christ and spread the good news.


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